Roodeplaat Dam will be transformed for World Rowing Masters Regatta 2023

Roodeplaat Dam is situated 22km north-east of Tshwane and is the main rowing venue in Gauteng, often referred to as the home of South African rowing. In 2023, the World Rowing Masters Regatta will be held at Roodeplaat Dam. There are a number of infrastructure projects planned at Roodeplaat to get ready for World Rowing Masters Regatta 2023. These projects are needed to realise our vision of creating a world-class water sports centre, that leaves a lasting legacy for South African rowing.


Updated 5 January 2023

Improvement Priority
Installation of new rowing course: All the lanes for the rowing course have now been installed and the course is usable. The lane ropes need to be tensioned; the buoys aligned, and some more cross cables must be installed. The start tower is being made, the start pontoons have been manufactured and an anchoring system for the start pontoons is being designed. The pontoons for the pre-start, the aligner, the 500m timing and the ferry are still outstanding. 1
Control of Water Hyacinth:  The rowing course is clear of water hyacinth at present, due to the large team removing the weed manually, but there is still a huge mass on the rest of the dam. The hyacinth doubles every 10 to 14 days, so an integrated management solution is needed. The manual removal must be supplemented with sub-lethal spraying of herbicide and the release of bio control insects. We are also trying to raise funds to purchase an Aquatic Weed Harvester that will allow us to harvest the hyacinth from the middle of the dam. This harvester will be useful to clear the rowing course and will dump the hyacinth on the bank. 2
Reinforcement of embankment and build of new jetties: New jetties or pontoons was a pre-requisite to host the World Rowing Masters Regatta. Three new jetties were installed, new embankments were built to hold the jetties, and the bank was rehabilitated and planted with sedges according to the Department of Water and Sanitation requirements. Blade racks were installed above the rehabilitated banks between the jetties. This project has been extended to upgrade the original concrete jetty, add another concrete jetty and rehabilitate the banks to both sides of the property. 3
Resurfacing of roads: The roads within the Roodeplaat reserve are in poor condition, with large potholes and degradation in many places. The priority is to resurface the stretch of road from the entrance of the reserve through the rowing centre up to the finish tower (approx. 500m), however, ideally all roads within the reserve should be resurfaced. The road between the gate and the slipway and the road in front of the boat sheds have been paved. 4
Upgrade of sewerage system: The sewerage system has been upgraded. The effluent from the septic tanks is pumped to an oxidation pond up the hill. This has increased the capacity of the sewerage system and the effluent is processed naturally. The oxidation pond will be planted with sedges to cleanse the water and provide a wetland haven for birds and other wildlife. The Holy Rosary/St Albans sewerage and waste pipes have also been connected to the main sewerage system. 5
Upgrade of water reticulation system: The water supply has been converted to a dual water system. All the toilets and urinals have been changed and are now flushed with dam water to reduce the demand on the borehole water supply. This has reduced the use of borehole water by half. 6
Build of new parking area: The new parking area has been completed and has been used during the last few regattas that were held at Roodeplaat Dam. 7
Improvements to ablution facilities: The top toilet block has been refurbished for use by spectators. The included fixing the roof, replacing all the basins and toilets, tiling the floor, adding new windows, replacing doors, fixing the lights, and painting. The other toilet blocks within the rowing area have also had repairs. This included a new urinal, replacing six toilets and fixing some other toilets. The refurbishment of the ablution blocks in the camping area to the west of the rowing centre is still outstanding. 8
Improvements to venue infrastructure: A concrete slab is being built between the clubhouse and the deck. Doors in the clubhouse will lead directly onto the new extended deck, and this will also provide an additional boat house underneath. Additional boat racks have been installed, and the existing boat racks have been moved to accommodate more boats. A new finish tower placed next to the water is being considered. A new fence has been erected around the rowing venue. The kitchen and pantry in clubhouse will be upgraded and all buildings will be repainted. 9

Updated: 05 January 2023

Installation of new rowing course


Control of Water Hyacinth


Reinforcement of embankment, build of new jetties


Resurfacing of roads


Upgrade of sewerage system


Upgrade of water reticulation system


Build of new parking area


Improvement to ablution facilities


Improvement to venue infrastructure


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World Rowing Masters Regatta 2023 in South Africa