Roodeplaat Dam will be transformed for World Rowing Masters Regatta 2023

Roodeplaat Dam is situated 22km north-east of Tshwane and is the main rowing venue in Gauteng, often referred to as the home of South African rowing. In 2023, the World Rowing Masters Regatta will be held at Roodeplaat Dam. There are a number of infrastructure projects planned at Roodeplaat to get ready for World Rowing Masters Regatta 2023. These projects are needed to realise our vision of creating a world-class water sports centre, that leaves a lasting legacy for South African rowing.


Improvement Priority
Installation of new rowing course: Due to hard lock down in South Africa from end March 2020, maintenance of the rowing course was not possible. Water Hyacinth and trees drifted into the dam and destroyed our course. Everything needs to be removed, and new lanes and buoys installed. 1
Control of Water Hyacinth:  From March to September 2020, the Water Hyacinth took over Roodeplaat Dam. End of September 2020 a team under Selwyn Jackson, put together a plan to recover the course and eliminate the Water Hyacinth problem. 2
Reinforcement of embankment and build of new jetties: It is a hosting requirement of World Rowing, that new jetties are installed for the 2023 WRMR. This project will include new jetties, embankment reinforcement and foreshore rehabilitation. 3
Resurfacing of roads: The roads within the Roodeplaat reserve are in poor condition, with large potholes and degradation in many places. The priority is to resurface the stretch of road from the entrance of the reserve through the rowing centre up to the finish tower (approx. 500m), however ideally all roads within the reserve should be resurfaced. 4
Upgrade of sewerage system: It is proposed to upgrade the sewerage system using a constructed wetland and/or oxidation pond for the grey water. 5
Upgrade of water reticulation system: Installation of water chlorinator to treat borehole water to drinking water standard, and upgrade of reticulation system throughout venue. This will include a system to use dam water for toilets, in order to reduce the demand on the borehole water supply. 6
Build of new parking area: This old (currently unused) camping area needs to be cleared of brush and levelled and compacted to make it suitable for parking. 7
Improvements to ablution facilities: Renovation of ablution blocks in the camping area to the west of the rowing centre and in the rowing centre. 8
Improvements to venue infrastructure: Renovation of finish tower, upgrade of kitchen and pantry in clubhouse, refurbishment of upper toilet block, Repainting of buildings including clubhouse. 9

Installation of new rowing course

Control of Water Hyacinth

Reinforcement of embankmentand build of new jetties

Resurfacing of roads

Upgrade of sewerage system

Upgrade of water reticulation system

Build of new parking area

Improvement to ablution facilities

Improvement to venue infrastructure

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World Rowing Masters Regatta 2023 in South Africa