Published: 28-Oct-2021

Infrastructure improvements at Roodeplaat

The rehabilitation of the embankments are complete. The team is now busy with the bank and the jetties.

Author: Selwyn Jackson

Rehabilitation of the bank

The rehabilitation of the bank around the jetties has been completed, and the sedges and water plants have been planted. The plants are still small but they will grow quickly. The ground behind the tyres has been levelled, and grass has been planted. Here is a document detailing the varieties of sedges and water plants that have been planted on the foreshore.

We are now busy with the rehabilitation of the bank. We are removing the collapsed wall and broken concrete boardwalk. These will be replaced with tyres that are strapped together to stabilise the wall. Then we will plant sedges and water plants in the tyres.

We are waiting for the steel for the jetties. Once we get the steel, we can assemble the jetties. Launch of the new jetties is scheduled for 24 November!

Oxidation pond for environmentally friendly processing of grey water

Excavation of the oxidation pond has started to enable an environmentally friendly way of handling the grey water from our sewerage system. We are pumping the grey water to the oxidation pond, instead of the grey water going into a soakaway. The soakaway is rather close to the dam and the borehole. This will also increase the capacity of the sewerage system, so that we do not need the honey sucker to empty the septic tank during large regattas. This oxidation pond will form a wetland and will be planted with sedges to clean the grey water naturally. It will help improve the biodiversity in the nature reserve, and will provide a haven for birds and other wildlife.

Photos from 28 September
Photos from 21 October
Clearing of the parking area
Excavation of oxidation pond
Testing of prototype start pontoon

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