Published: 01-Mar-2022

Water and sanitation upgrades at Roodeplaat

Betway are major sponsors of Rowing South Africa. Their sponsorship is invaluable in assisting with the upgrades being made to Roodeplaat dam. The first phase of the Betway support was installation of the new jetties. The second phase is to upgrade the water and sanitation and complete the jetties and foreshore. This article covers the activities included in phase two.

Author: Selwyn Jackson

Upgrading the top toilet block

This will provide ablution facilities for the spectators so portable toilets will not need to be rented. This building was well built, but has not been maintained and has been used as a storeroom. Planned improvements are:

  • Repair of roof;
  • Replacement of toilets and basins;
  • Tiling of the floor;
  • Fitting of lights; and
  • Fitting of windows to enable a free flow of air to cool the building.

Upgrading sewerage system

They grey water from the main septic tank and from the septic tank servicing the top toilet block will be pumped to an oxidation pond up on the hill. The oxidation pond will be planted with sedges and other water plants. This will allow the grey water to be processed naturally and form a constructed wetland that will improve the biodiversity of the nature reserve and provide a haven for birds and other wildlife. Here is more about the Oxidation pond

The waste and sewerage pipes for the St Albans/Holy Rosary building will be rerouted to the main septic tank.

Upgrading water reticulation

The existing plumbing will be upgraded, and the leaks will be repaired. The sagging pipes will be properly secured.

Dam water will be used to flush the toilets and urinals to conserve the borehole water. A tank will be installed on the hill for the dam water and the plumbing will be modified to separate the fresh and dam water.

Dam water will also be used to irrigate the lawns and the newly rehabilitated banks.

Blade racks between jetties

Blade racks will be built above the banks between the jetties and above the sedges and water plants. This will provide space for the blades for crews that are launching. This should help keep the pathways clear for crews carrying their boats.

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