Published: 29-Aug-2022

Introducing President of the Jury for 2023 - Carol Muirhead

Meet Carol Muirhead the President of the Jury for World Rowing Masters Regatta 2023. Carol will be at the World Masters Rowing Regatta in Libourne in September 2022.

Author: Anne Kilian

We are thrilled to introduce Carol Muirhead who is the President of the Jury for World Rowing Masters Regatta 2023. Carol is well known in the South African rowing community with extensive experience in officiating, having umpired in various roles at possibly every regatta in South Africa over the last 20 years. Carol has been the event organiser and President of the Jury at the South African University Boat Race and the South African University Sprint Regatta for over 10 years. She has also been the President of the Jury at the South African Schools Boat Race for a number of years. She has played the role of President of the Jury at the Buffalo National Regatta, the South Africa Senior Championships and South African Junior Championships. Umpires across South Africa know that if Carol is the PoJ for a regatta, that regatta will be run perfectly!

About Carol

Carol was born in Zimbabwe on 22 August 1979 and moved to South Africa early in her childhood. She resides in the small university town of Makhanda (previously Grahamstown) in the rural Eastern Cape province of South Africa with her husband of 15 years and her daughters, Jessica (13) and Emma (10). Professionally she holds the position of Business Manager at St Andrew’s College and was previously the Financial Manager of a medium size construction company in Johannesburg for many years before relocating to Makhanda. Carol holds a Bachelor of Science degree, a Postgraduate Diploma in Enterprise Management and a Bachelor of Commerce with a Postgraduate Diploma in Accounting Science.

Carol and rowing

Carol began rowing at Rhodes University in 1997. She fell instantly in love with the sport and has felt a deep connection with rowing ever since.

Carol has coached successfully at University and Junior level and began umpiring in 2002, qualifying as a RSA National Umpire in 2004 and for many years was the youngest umpire! She successfully qualified as a World Rowing (FISA) umpire in 2011 (license 1648).

Her duties as a World Rowing umpire include:

  • 2013 - Universiade (Kazan, Russia)
  • 2014 - African Youth Games (Gaborone, Botswana) (also a member of the course installation team)
  • 2016 - Arab Rowing Championships (Tunis, Tunisia)
  • 2017 - World Rowing U23 Championships (Plovdiv, Bulgaria)

Jury duties in 2020 (World Rowing Junior, Under 23 & Senior Championships in Bled, Slovenia) and 2021 (World Rowing Championships in Shanghai, China) were cancelled.

Rowing has fundamentally changed me as a person and developed me into the professional, wife, mother, friend, coach and adult that I am today. I remain deeply committed to seeing rowing grow and transform as a sport in South Africa. Umpiring is one of the mechanisms that allows me to give back to a sport which has given me so very much.

Carol Muirhead, President of the Jury 2023

Carol is one of the best umpires I have had the opportunity to work with. She always has the athlete’s best interests at heart. She has been PoJ and regatta organiser for USSA-R Sprints for many years and goes out of her way to ensure that athletes have as much exposure/opportunities to race as possible, that racing is fair, and that everyone has the best experience!

Kyle Hanks World Rowing Umpire

Carol works hard,but also plays hard! I first met Carol over a shot of "Barbed Wire" at one of the pubs in Port Alfred. She is great at managing a regatta with lots of boats and athlete clashes and somehow gets it all to happen! You can throw anything at Carol, and she will still run the race fairly and safely.

Selwyn Jackson World Rowing Umpire

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