Published: 13-Aug-2021

Infrastructure improvements at Roodeplaat

Selwyn's team is working hard at Roodeplaat to finalise the new course, install the new jetties and remove all the hyacinth.

Author: Selwyn Jackson

Progress made on installation of new rowing course at Roodeplaat

Since the South African National Regatta in May, we have installed the last few cross cables and erected distance markers on both sides of the course. Trees and reeds have been cleared for the sight markers and the distance markers.

In the next two months, we need to re-tension the lane ropes and align the buoys. We had a successful session just before the National Regatta and were able to align the first 250m and the last 250m of the course. We need lots of people and boats to assist with the final steps.

Roodeplaat to get new jetties!

We are starting the upgrade to the foreshore at Roodeplaat week of 16 August. We will be building new embankments for the jetty mountings and the existing wall that is in disrepair will be removed. The bank will be sloped so that we can rehabilitate the bank between the jetties. We will then plant sedges and water plants along the bank.

We have received some funding for three new concrete jetties. The parts have been ordered and we will start assembling the new jetties in September. The existing jetties will also be moved and mounted to the new embankments. The new positions of the jetties can be seen in the image below.

Team is hard at work removing hyacinth

The biological controls are dormant in the Winter, but there is still a lot of hyacinth on the dam which needs to be removed. Our team of 5 people have been hard at work removing the weed and we are down to only 4 hectares that still needs to be removed. The team has been so effective, that over a 2-week period, they removed so much hyacinth that it took 8 hours to move the weed to the dump site using a TLB and a tipper truck!

Good news is that spring is around the corner and the bugs will soon jump into action and do their work diligently! Read this article for more information on biological control at Roodeplaat Dam.

Keep coming back to get updates on the excting progress being made at Roodeplaat Dam - the venue for World Rowing Masters 2023.

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